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Photo ⓒ ​우승민


2nd LH Garden Show 

"당신의 당산나무"


The concept of the garden is 'Dangsan Tree'. The many dangsan trees that disappeared when Godeok was developed into a new city were reproduced. It was because I wanted to leave a historical trace of the area, and I wanted the people of the new town to remember it together.

"The village's earnest prayer tree is no different from its neighbors who have stayed there for many years and shared sorrow and joy. I remember the boundaries of time and space, and all the beauty that blooms in between, along with the sugar tree."

Kim Dan-bi's "Your Dangsan Tree" is a question of what will be the milestone of Godeok replacing Dangsan Tree, which has been cut down in development. The writer wondered what role the private garden space could play in the public space, a Dongmal Neighborhood Park, and thought that the gardens created at the LH Garden Show would take over the role of Dangsan Tree.

A central garden surrounded by walls of more than 2 meters, and a straight line from the entrance to the central space. The characteristics of space are the mysteriousness of the secret and the grandeur that comes at a glance.

Scraps of wood and concrete landscapes are visible between the pillars built on the border of the garden. If you follow the rhythm of this pillar, you will find the entrance to the garden. The only open space is the blue sky if you walk along the narrow road that stretches straight from the entrance to the side. At the end of the road, visitors face the Dangsan tree. You will be able to see the entire space where Dangsan trees show off their prowess at once. Through the pillars, the landscape, which used to be seen as debris, enters as one.

Inside the garden, in addition to the large sugar tree, two benches are placed as if alternating views of the opposite side of the view from both sides. The mixed packaging of soil and concrete symbolizes the boundary between the new city and the old city, and the appearance of nature rising through the cracks in broken concrete expresses an old space. In fact, the author sold the footwork to find the old-looking arboretum. He also painted ink that is unique to Korea on concrete walls to express traces of time. The meaning is great, but the writer's wish is not great. 

"I just want you to feel comfortable in this closed space..."

정원의 콘셉트는 ‘당산나무’이다. 고덕이 신도시로 개발되면서 사라진, 그 많던 당산나무를 재현했다. 지역의 역사적 흔적을 남기고 싶었고, 신도시 사람들도 같이 기억할 수 있길 바랐기 때문이다.

“마을의 간절한 기도 속 당산나무는 오랜 세월 그 자리에 머물며 슬픔과 기쁨을 함께 나눈 이웃과 다를 바 없다.

시간과 공간의 경계, 그 사이 피어나는 모든 아름다움을 당산나무와 함께 기억한다.”


“사방이 막힌 이 공간에서 그저 편안함이 느껴지기를...”   

Work Together

  • 화이트 인스 타 그램 아이콘


Danbee Kim, Gyuseong Kim, Sohyeong Jin



Host · Supervision

lak · Lh


​우승민, 유청오

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